About Perky Perky

Perky Perky Coffee aims to invite women back into their power! Well roasted coffee(c) has special magical powers - and when we partner amazing coffee from all over the world with empowering conversations, we build a community of women in all walks of life that know they have gifts, talents, skills and areas of genius that make the world a freaking amazing place for themselves and others they love.

The vision we aim to seek is to create an experience between women and their cup of coffee. Often times, we pick up a coffee from the store, that you have to add a *sugar-ton* of creamer and well, sugar of all sorts, into the coffee to make it taste good. However, what if the coffee you had in your cup actually tasted great without a ton of other add-ons? No judgement on the add-ons, for sure. However, there’s something special when I see a non-coffee drinker or a person who’s only ever had coffee full of cream and sugar try out really good coffee for the first time. The eyes light up and a new wave of joy overcomes them! What if we make that more ‘normal’ in the coffee space?

About The Founders

Hey there! My name is Maruxa “Muh-roo-shah” ;) Murphy and I’m the Founder of PerkyPerky.com and a mom of 3 kids, ages 8, 3 and 2 years old. After my love of family, I have 3 major loves in my life: Coffee, Conversation, and Community.

Maruxa Murphy, MA (photo)When I was a little girl, I would sit and watch my parents at the breakfast table sip their morning cup of coffee while they talked about the day ahead. I would look at that cup longing to taste just one sip! The most my father would let me do was dip my pinky finger into his cup and taste it. Funny enough, but that is actually one of my favorite memories with my dad. I remember turning 18 and heading to college. I was excited about two things - living on my own and drinking coffee! Ha! I really have a thing for coffee. I love the experience of coffee - holding the cup, breathing in the scent of coffee, and taking that first sip. I call it my Daily Morning Momcation. It takes me from #mombie to #awesome after just a few sips (unless I’ve been up all night with my littles, then I need a few cups!)

One of my most favorite aspects of coffee is what happens around the cup keeps the heart warm. You know what I mean... The Conversation - that moment when you have a cup in your hand, leaning forward across the table to hear your besties most recent drama, dilemma or news. The back and forth, interrupting each other, tears flowing, life-changing conversations, peeing-in-your-pants laughter definitely happens. It’s one of those simple gifts we can have when we hold conversations around our cups of coffee. Absolutely soul giving!

It’s those conversations that ultimately lead to strengthening each other, if we let them. We create communities of love, acceptance and respect that ultimately lift each other up. You know, as a woman who first was into my career, then got married, got pregnant and stayed home and then started a couple companies...I know first-hand that the decisions we make as women are difficult. The transitions leave us feeling different, unsure of ourselves. I remember that feeling when I became a mom for the first time and felt like though I wanted this beautiful baby, I didn’t know who I was anymore. I wasn’t just into my career anymore, I became a whole new person immersed in my new world and trying to figure out motherhood...but I missed my old self too without being able to fully remember who that woman was.  

About 5 months after having my daughter, we moved from Florida to Texas, and it wasn’t until then that I realized my community was incredibly important. I needed to hear from women who’d been there and done that before me that it would be OK when my daughter cried and cried and cried. I needed to talk to other entrepreneurial women to share my “crazy” ideas with. I began to build my community, since I didn’t have family near us, and I realized I needed to create my own version of family - built by friends and colleagues that feel as close to my family as can be.

When I came up with the idea for Perky Perky, I knew I wanted to build a lifestyle brand that brought together coffee, conversation and community to one another.. We begin with coffee, lead the conversation around what we can do to remind ourselves of the beautiful, strong, courageous, smart, unique, creative, powerful, brilliance we have within each of us, and build a movement of women that are doing more of what they love in this world!

If we as women who drink amazingly delicious coffee start to recognize the awesome-ness that we are, can you just imagine what we can do when we come together to make the world better because we choose to live lives that matter (because yours absolutely does!)

I’m SO glad you’re here. Drink up. It’s good stuff!


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